How to Get Rid of a Bat in Your House

There are various reasons why having a bat in your home is a risky and undesirable situation. One major reason is that bats are known carriers of rabies, making them dangerous and uninvited guests. If you suspect you have a bat in your home, be sure to take action right away, using the safest methods possible.

DIY Bat Removal

It is never advised by a professional bat control specialist to remove bats on your own without any experience. It is a highly sensitive task that requires a certain degree of bat knowledge and exclusion experience. It is also safer to have the proper bat removal equipment and technology for the job. The right equipment allows for more secure safety and efficiency. You should call a professional bat removal company to handle the situation for you.

Although it is not highly advised to remove bats from your house alone, we understand that some homeowners’ like to take initiative and get the job done themselves. In this case, it is important to read about bat removal tips and tricks to be better prepared. The first thing you should do when you want to remove a bat from your home is determine if anyone has been exposed to the bat. Bat bites are very small and difficult to see. Check closely to see if family members or pets have been bit or scratched by the bat. If they have, then there are two choices. The first choice is to capture the bat and test it for rabies. The second choice is to go to the emergency room for possible rabies exposure. Post rabies shots are very expensive, costing nearly $4,000 per person; which is why it is recommended to capture and test the bat first to see if there was any threat at all.

Locate and isolate the bat. Be sure to have someone keep their eye on the bat at all times no matter what. Bats may appear to be large, especially in flight, but they are actually very tiny and can hide in very small spaces. Once you lose view of the winged animal, you may have lost of for a long time. If this happens, look for the bat endlessly until you find it again.

Once the bat is isolated, use a towel or t-shirt to close up door cracks and gaps. This ensures that bat has no escape. Be sure to wear leather gloves that are thick and heavy duty. Wear sturdy pants as well, like jeans. Bats are not usually aggressive, but can bite if instigated. After you block all exits, use a broom or long stick to knock the bat off the ceiling or wall. Bats have a harder time taking off into flight from the ground, just like ducks. If you can knock it to the ground, it will slowly crawl to the nearest wall and climb to a safer point. When the bat is on the ground, cover it with a coffee pot or box. Use a book to weigh it down just in case. At this point, it is time to call a bat removal company to collect the wild animal and test it for rabies. Then they will safely and humanely release the animal into the wild after it is tested.

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