Never Attempt to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic On Your Own

Have you ever seen a colony of bats flying around at dusk, dive-bombing for insects and mosquitos? It is truly a remarkable sight. Bats are nature’s built-in insect control. They commonly consume more than 600 mosquitos each hour! Although bats are fantastic assets, keeping our porches, parks, and backyards mosquito-free, they are dangerous to humans and pets. They are not likely to attack, but they can be quite the nuisance animal when they nest inside our homes.

Bat Removal

Bats are not like rodents; they do not chew holes in our homes to get inside. This is because they don’t need to! Bats are tiny enough to squeeze into the smallest crevices, gaps, and holes to gain entry into our homes. They prefer cool dark areas of a building or home; such as porches, garages, crawl spaces, roofs, and of course, attics. Attics and crawl spaces are the most common spots for bats. They use these areas to breed and hibernate, season to season. Bat infestations can cause a wide-range of problems, damages, and mess. It is understandable why a home or property owner may want to take the initiative and remove bats from their attics by themselves. However, this is highly dangerous and not at all recommended. Never attempt to get rid of bats in the attic on your own!

Call a Professional to Remove Bats in the Attic

There are several reasons why you should never try to remove bats in the attic by yourself. Not only is it dangerous and risky, you can be breaking the law as well. Be sure you are educated on proper bat removal and control techniques in order to protect yourself and your home. Below are the principle reasons why a person should never attempt bat removal without the help of a licensed professional with extensive experience in the animal control industry.

Bats are Dangerous

Although bats are not likely to attack, a person can still be bit or scratched by a startled or provoked bat. For example, if you disturb a bat that happens to be a mother nesting her young, she may act aggressively to scare off any threats. Not only do bat bites hurt, they can transfer diseases if infected. Bats are common carriers of infectious diseases and illnesses; like Rabies, Histoplasmosis, bat mites, and more.

Bats are a Protected Species

Killing or harming bats is illegal. A person can be subjected to fines as much as $200 or more for hurting or trapping bats without a professional license. Professional bat exclusionists use safe and humane bat control methods to remove bats and relocate them to a safer habitat. As a home or property owner, it is best to use preventative methods to protect bats, as well as, your home. Seal all vulnerable or open areas of a property to prevent bats from gaining entry. This will stop a bat intrusion problem from the get-go. They will no longer come to your property in search of shelter.

Professionals Retain Proper Tools and Training

Attempting bat removal without the proper tools, equipment, training, and knowledge can be dangerous in itself. A person without any of these can put their home at risk, as well as, their safety and the safety of everyone inside. A professional and licensed Louisville Bat Removal Company retains industry knowledge, knowledge of the state laws pertaining to animal removal and control, ample tools, proper safety gear, equipment, and experience. They are the individuals to trust when it comes to getting rid of bats in the attic.

Louisville Kentucky Bat Removal

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