Can Bat Guano Be Used as Fertilizer?

The feces of bats is called guano. It is known for its soil-enriching qualities, which is why many cultures and societies use it for fertilizer. Bat guano can also be used for several other purposes, like gun powder and arguably, women’s mascara. But fertilization is predominantly the most sought-after quality of bat manure. Continue reading to learn how bat guano is used as fertilizer, how it works, and why so many gardeners and cultivators are interested in its benefits.

Plant-Growing Nutrients

Guano is a fantastic fertilizer because it contains high traces of three primary plant-growing nutrients. These nutrients are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate. For this reason, bat droppings make the perfect fertilizer. Additional benefits of using bat dung for a fertilizer is that it works fast, it has minimal odor, and it is easy to work into the soil. On top of fertilization, bat guano is also highly effective for conditioning soil, fungal protection, and even improving soil drainage and texture. Bat manure can also be used to control nematodes in the soil, as well as, a compost material to activate decomposition.

Fertilizing with Bat Guano

To use bat guano as a fertilizer, simply add a small amount on top of soil, and work it into the top layers. In contrast to regular fertilizer or manure, bat guano is so enriched with nutrients, less is needed for the process to work. It is perfect for lawns, grass, greens, and plants. You can obtain guano is fresh form, or in a dried form. Both have been proven effective in all areas of lawn and garden fertilization.

Bat Problems

Although bat guano is a highly-purposely natural resource, that does not mean we want to see it all over our properties and inside our homes! Bats are wonderful assets to our surrounding eco-system, but they can become nuisance wildlife in the presence of residential and city areas. If you suspect you have bats in the attic, or a bat problem on your property, contact a local Bat Removal Company for prompt and professional bat exclusion services. Be sure to use a service that only uses safe and humane methods to remove bats and prevent their return. Bats should never be harmed or killed for no reason.

Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky

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