FAQS About Electronic Bat Repelling Devices

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Louisville Bat Control 502-553-7622

Ultrasonic pest repelling devices are non-lethal, humane solutions for keeping bats off your property. They use variable scanning technology that emits ultrasonic sound waves in various pitches, frequencies, and intensities. These are silent to humans, but highly irritating to bats. So they keep their distance from them! There are several make and model devices to choose from on the market, so it is important to do your research before making any final purchasing decisions.

If you have severe bat control problems on your property, you will likely not benefit from an electronic bat repelling device alone. You will also require professional bat exclusion service to solve the bat problem at its source. If you are considering an easy and non-invasive alternative to bat control, an ultrasonic pest repelling device may be the perfect solution for you.

Continue reading to review some common questions about these devices, and who to call for trusted bat removal and control service near you.

Can Electronic Bat Repellents Be Installed Outside?

Yes, so long as they are covered and protected from the weather. Wind and rain can affect the performance of the device. They must also be installed in a spot that is close to a power source. They are not battery-powered, and instead, run off of electricity.

Will These Devices Work Through Walls?

Unfortunately, ultrasonic sound waves do not penetrate solid objects, including walls. For this reason, these machines must be installed near the area of bat activity. If you have bats in your walls, the device will not get rid of them either. Although the sound waves will be very displeasing to them, it is more likely that they will remain in the walls roosting until they are manually extracted.

Will the Machine Make the Bats Leave the Attic and Enter the Living Areas of My Home?

It is unlikely that an electronic bat machine will make bats leave their attic roost and venture into other areas of your home. It is more likely that bats will exit the attic from the entry and exit points they created themselves. It is important to seal bats off in the attic before placing the machine inside to ensure this happens.

Will an Ultrasonic Bat Repelling Device Bother My Pets?

Dogs and cats will not be affected by the ultrasonic sound waves created by your bat repelling machine. On the other hand, any rodent-like pets will, including hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, and more.

How Many Electronic Sound Machines Will I Need?

The number of devices you’ll need depends on the number of affected areas on your property. If you are trying to keep bats away from your porch and out of the barn, you would need one in each place. If you just have bats in the attic, one machine is all you need.

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