How to Locate Bats in the Attic

If you suspect that you have bats roosting inside of your house, the attic is probably the area they are occupying, given that you are correct about your hunch. Other areas of a home that bats often take as shelter this time of year include chimneys, attached garages, and voids inside or between walls, roofing, and siding. If accessible, bats will even roost in crawl spaces or underneath porches. They key to removing bats in the attic is to figure out where and how they are getting inside. Once you locate the entry and exit points, the rest of the bat removal process is simple exclusion science.

Continue reading to learn which signs suggest you have bats in the attic, and what you can do to get rid of them quickly and humanely.

Get Rid of Bats in the Attic 502-553-7622
Get Rid of Bats in the Attic 502-553-7622

Signs of Bats in the Attic

When it comes to looking for signs, the best mindset to use is an investigative one. That is because you will need to spot small details and then piece together clues to confirm bat presence and activity. The most obvious signs of localized bat activity is actually seeing bats flying around your house at dawn and dusk. These “twilight” periods are when bats are most active, and come out of their roosts to hunt for insects. In fact, if you have seen bats flying around your house, you have an advantage when it comes to identifying their entry and exit points.

Simply place a camera outside, or observe them in person, to physically witness where they are getting in. Keep in mind, local Kentucky bats are so small, they can squeeze through an opening as tiny as 3/8th of an inch, so it might be difficult, or even impossible, to see them slip into actual holes without the help and technology of a professional wildlife abatement company. You can look for dark brown or back oil-like stains on your siding, which results from their fur rubbing against the house as they enter and exit.

Another common signs of bat presence are bat droppings, or guano. If you are seeing bat droppings in or around your house, which look very similar to rodent droppings, you most certainly have bats. Look for piles and accumulations around door frames and windowsills, as well as, inside your attic and walls spaces, and your roof. These are common areas for bats to perch while hunting for prey.

More signs of bat presence include hearing strange noises inside walls or in your attic, such as chattering, squealing, squeaking, fluttering, and similar sounds. You can also assume bats are nearby if you smell strange odors coming from inside the living areas of your house. This is indicative of a bat infestation that has gone on for a long time. Along with odors, you might spot brown or yellow stains on ceilings or walls as a result of their urine and droppings.

Get Rid of Bats in the Attic in Louisville

Call 502-553-7622 to speak a DNR licensed specialist about safely getting rid of bats in the attic in your Louisville, Kentucky residence or building. We offer a wide range of non-lethal residential and commercial bat removal, bat control, and bat cleanup services. This includes animal damage repair and restoration, such as decontamination, sanitizing, deodorization, fumigation, integrated pest management solutions for bat bugs, structural damage repair, insulation replacement, drywall repair, preventative maintenance, post checkups, and much more. We may also be able to provide bat damage insurance claim work depending on your particular policy and carrier.

How to Deal With Bats in the Attic

Louisville Bat Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Louisville Bat Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Bats can be a nuisance problem for home owners. Whether inside or out, bats cause structural damages and unpleasant messes and odors that can linger long after they have “flown the nest.” That is why it is critical to catch a bat infestation as early as possible before they cause a large amount of costly structural damages. Bats can cause home damages that result in costly repairs and renovations.

These damages only become worse as they are untreated overtime. Soiled drywall, clogged gutters, mold growth, torn attic insulation, ripped roof shingles, and frayed electrical wiring are all common damages caused by nuisance bats. If you have bats in the attic, or suspect you might have a bat problem on your hands, be sure to know what your options are and who to trust for accurate advice, information, and service.

Dangers of Bats

If you suspect that you might have bats in the attic, you can muster the courage to take a look for yourself. However, this is not exactly recommended. Bats are known carriers of several contagious and infectious diseases, and they are known to be aggressive if they are ill, provoked, threaten, or nursing their young. For these reasons and many more, the most effective solution for getting rid of bats and call a licensed Louisville bat removal company for emergency assistance.

Bat Removal, Control and Cleanup

Once a professional bat removal contractor has eliminated the colony from your attic, the job is only half way done. Bats leave behind a huge mess, even if only one or two. So be sure to discuss cleanup and sanitation options. Bat cleanup services eliminate and sanitize bat urine and droppings, as well as deodorize the space they occupied. Bat cleanup also commonly entails minor attic restorations and repairs. Minor restorations may include attic insulation replacement, drywall repair, and more.

Bat-proofing is another option you can select to further protect your home or property from experiencing another bat infestation problem. Preventative maintenance for nuisance bats includes comprehensive property inspections, roof repair, window and door sealing, and much more. Professional bat exclusionists might also suggest installing automatic outdoor lighting or sound machines to scare bats away. They might also encourage air sealing and roof shingle replacement services for enhanced home protection.

Bat Removal in Louisville Kentucky

Louisville Bat Removal 502-553-7622

Louisville Bat Removal 502-553-7622

Call 502-553-7622 if you have bats in the attic in Louisville, Kentucky. We are highly trained and DNR licensed bat removal and control experts who only use safe and humane methods to get rid of bats and prevent their return. Call 502-553-7622 to request a free estimate, today.

Learn About Endangered Bat Species

Bats are miraculous mammals; that’s right, mammals. In fact, they are the only mammal that is capable of true flight! This is just one fascinating fact about bats, so you can imagine just how fun it can be to learn about them. For instance, there are two main categories of bats: Microchiroptera and Megachiroptera. Microbats are the more common nuisance bat, smaller in size and strictly insectivores (excluding the Vampire bat). Megabats are much larger in body size and wingspan, and dine primarily on the nectar of fruits.

Several species of both bats span regions far across the globe, and some species have been around for millions of years. Unfortunately, as a result of man-kind over-development and environmental disease, many species of bats are also now extinct, while many others are endangered today. Continue reading to learn which species of bat are endangered, and what to do if you have bats on your property.

Bats Close to Extinction

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) manages an index of endangered animals called the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. In 2009, the red list contained 77 species of endangered and critically endangered bat. But with recent and on-going assessments, it is likely that this number has since increased.

Endangered and Critically Endangered Species Include:

Trident Leaf-nosed Bat Aselliscus tricuspidatus
Broad-toothed Tailless Bat Anoura latidens
Mindanao Pygmy Fruit Bat Alionycteris paucidentata
Borneo Fruit Bat Aethalops aequalis
Palawan Fruit Bat Acerodon leucotis
White-striped Free-tailed Bat Austronomus australis
Golden-capped Fruit Bat Acerodon jubatus
Western Naked-backed Fruit Bat Dobsonia peronei
Madagascan Fruit Bat Eidolon dupreanum
African Straw-coloured Fruit-bat Eidolon helvum
Pacific Sheath-tailed Bat Emballonura semicaudata
Horn-skinned Bat Eptesicus floweri
Clear-winged Woolly Bat Kerivoula pellucida
Southern Red Bat Lasiurus blossevillii
Hoary Bat Lasiurus cinereus
Indiana Bat Myotis sodalist
Fish-eating Bat Myotis vivesi
White-lined Broad-nosed Bat Platyrrhinus lineatus
Mountain Long-eared Bat Plecotus macrobullaris
Black-bearded Tomb Bat Taphozous melanopogon
Little Forest Bat Vespadelus vulturnus
Asian Particolored Bat Vespertilio sinensis

This particular list is only a fraction of endangered and critically endangered bat species. For a complete list, check out the IUCN Red List and type “bats” in the search bar.

If you are experiencing bat problems on or around your property, call a licensed bat removal and control company for safe and humane exclusion services.

Louisville Bat Removal and Control

Call 502-553-7622 when you need affordable bat removal services in Louisville, Kentucky and its surrounding counties. We are DNR licensed and experienced bat exclusion contractors that provide a wide range of services to get rid of bats. Our services include minor attic restorations for bat damages and bat cleanup as well! Call 502-553-7622 for Louisville Bat Removal and Control you can trust.

Will My Homeowners’ Insurance Pay for Bat Removal Services?

It is very expensive to repair damages from a long-term bat infestation in your home. Bats can cause a substantial amount of damage; in even a short amount of time. Bat Removal Companies do offer services to repair these damages; such as bat proofing, Histoplasmosis mitigation, bat guano cleanup, exclusion, and more.

The extent of time the bats were in the home, plus the degree of damage incurred, will roughly determine the cost of the repairs, renovations, and exclusion services. Once a professional Bat Control Company inspects the property and begins their exclusion process; can they accurately convey if there will be more unexpected costs.

Usually at this point, homeowners are sweating the total bill. How can they pay for all these repairs and services? Insurance is usually a first thought. Interestingly enough, many homeowners are in the dark on whether or not their home is covered on bat damages. Continue reading to learn more about standard homeowners’ insurance policies in relation to bat removal services and repairs.

Bat Removal Insurance Policies

Animal damages are not typically covered by home insurance plans. They imply that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent animal infestations, and to eradicate them on their own before damages accumulate. If an extensive amount of damage occurs, it is considered the homeowner’s burden for not tending to the situation before it got too bad. The insurance companies call pest and animal infestations “maintenance issues”, which are not covered in many policies. Regularly inspect your home for problems like these; to prevent future costly repairs that won’t be covered by insurance.

Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky

Call Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky at 502-553-7622 for superior bat cleanup and attic restoration services you can afford. We are highly trained and certified bat control specialists with over 20 years of experience in the bat exclusion industry. We offer a wide variety of services; such as bat removal, bat cleanup, bat proofing, inspections, repairs, and more. Call 502-553-7622 to speak with a DNR licensed bat exclusion professional about getting rid of bats in the attic in Louisville, KY fast!

Popular Bat Guano Fertilizers on the Market

Last month we discussed how bat guano is used as a fertilizer for gardens, crops, flora, and more. So now that you know that guano is a known, effective fertilizer, you might want to know which kind to buy! In this blog, we’ll point out a few of the most popular and effective bat guano fertilizers on the market, and the qualities that make them so great. Continue reading for a list of recommended bat guano fertilizer products and brand names for better growing and gardening at home.

Smart Natural’s Happy Frog Potting Soil

This fine-screened potting soil is a light-textured and rich fertilizer, containing bat guano, earthworm castings, forest humus, microbes, fungi, and more, and comes ready to use for indoors or out. It’s well aerated, abundant in nutrients, and pH balanced to get the best possible results. You can expect to see this product come store-ready in 51.4 quart bags that range in price from $45 to $55, depending on the retailer.

Greenbelt Organics Bat Guano Fertilizer

This odorless, easy-to-use, indoor or outdoor bat guano fertilizer is one hundred percent organic. And it is guaranteed to never burn. It is formulated with high amounts of phosphate to enhance blooming and taste. It is biodegradable, building and cleaning the soil with special microbes and microorganisms. It is the perfect fertilizer for lawns and potted plants. You can expect a 2 pound bag to cost anywhere from 8 to 10 dollars.

Sunleaves Indonesian Bat Guano Fertilizer

Another highly-rated and reviewed bat guano fertilizer, the Sunleaves brand has much to offer gardeners. This dry fertilizer can be diluted in water or applied directly to soil for enhanced blooms and root growth. It has a high phosphorous potency, making it very effective. An 11 pound bag will cost anywhere between $25and $35.

Although bat guano is beneficial in our gardens, it is quite the opposite in our attics or other areas in our homes. If you notice bat droppings anywhere on or inside your property, you may have bat activity nearby. It is best to stop a bat problem before it becomes a costly mess. Contact a licensed bat removal service to get rid of bats and clean up bat guano messes in your home.

Bat Removal in Louisville Kentucky

Call 502-553-7622 for safe and humane bat removal in Louisville, Kentucky or its surrounding counties. We are DNR licensed bat removal and control contractors with decades of experience providing residential and commercial work. Aside from bat removal, our highly trained contractors provide bat cleanup services, bat proofing, preventative maintenance, and even minor attic restorations and repairs. Call 502-553-7622 for Louisville bat removal services you can trust.

Never Attempt to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic On Your Own

Have you ever seen a colony of bats flying around at dusk, dive-bombing for insects and mosquitos? It is truly a remarkable sight. Bats are nature’s built-in insect control. They commonly consume more than 600 mosquitos each hour! Although bats are fantastic assets, keeping our porches, parks, and backyards mosquito-free, they are dangerous to humans and pets. They are not likely to attack, but they can be quite the nuisance animal when they nest inside our homes.

Bat Removal

Bats are not like rodents; they do not chew holes in our homes to get inside. This is because they don’t need to! Bats are tiny enough to squeeze into the smallest crevices, gaps, and holes to gain entry into our homes. They prefer cool dark areas of a building or home; such as porches, garages, crawl spaces, roofs, and of course, attics. Attics and crawl spaces are the most common spots for bats. They use these areas to breed and hibernate, season to season. Bat infestations can cause a wide-range of problems, damages, and mess. It is understandable why a home or property owner may want to take the initiative and remove bats from their attics by themselves. However, this is highly dangerous and not at all recommended. Never attempt to get rid of bats in the attic on your own!

Call a Professional to Remove Bats in the Attic

There are several reasons why you should never try to remove bats in the attic by yourself. Not only is it dangerous and risky, you can be breaking the law as well. Be sure you are educated on proper bat removal and control techniques in order to protect yourself and your home. Below are the principle reasons why a person should never attempt bat removal without the help of a licensed professional with extensive experience in the animal control industry.

Bats are Dangerous

Although bats are not likely to attack, a person can still be bit or scratched by a startled or provoked bat. For example, if you disturb a bat that happens to be a mother nesting her young, she may act aggressively to scare off any threats. Not only do bat bites hurt, they can transfer diseases if infected. Bats are common carriers of infectious diseases and illnesses; like Rabies, Histoplasmosis, bat mites, and more.

Bats are a Protected Species

Killing or harming bats is illegal. A person can be subjected to fines as much as $200 or more for hurting or trapping bats without a professional license. Professional bat exclusionists use safe and humane bat control methods to remove bats and relocate them to a safer habitat. As a home or property owner, it is best to use preventative methods to protect bats, as well as, your home. Seal all vulnerable or open areas of a property to prevent bats from gaining entry. This will stop a bat intrusion problem from the get-go. They will no longer come to your property in search of shelter.

Professionals Retain Proper Tools and Training

Attempting bat removal without the proper tools, equipment, training, and knowledge can be dangerous in itself. A person without any of these can put their home at risk, as well as, their safety and the safety of everyone inside. A professional and licensed Louisville Bat Removal Company retains industry knowledge, knowledge of the state laws pertaining to animal removal and control, ample tools, proper safety gear, equipment, and experience. They are the individuals to trust when it comes to getting rid of bats in the attic.

Louisville Kentucky Bat Removal

Call Louisville Bat Removal at 502-553-7622 and speak with a DNR licensed and insured bat exclusion specialist in Kentucky today. We are highly trained and qualified bat removal and control technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the animal control industry. We are happy to answer your bat removal questions anytime. We offer 24 hour emergency services, free estimates, bat cleanup services, inspections, animal-proofing, DIY advice, discounts, and much more! Call 502-553-7622 and speak to a Louisville Bat Removal technician about getting rid of bats in Kentucky today.