All the Reasons Why You Should Love Bats

Bats are one of the most amazing mammals in the world! For instance, did you know that bats are the ONLY mammal on the entire planet that can fly? Sure, there are “flying” squirrels and other mammals that mimic flying; but these species are really just floating, drifting, gliding, or soaring with wind currents. Bats are the only mammals that are capable of true flight. But interesting facts like this is not the only reason why so many people like us love bats so much. There is plenty more they offer that makes them a magnificent and valuable species!

Continue reading to learn why you should love bats too!

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Fruit Bats are great pollinators!

Bats are Ecologically Important

Bats play a vital role in our surrounding Eco-system, and in countless more across the globe. They contribute to our local economies in various aspects, and even make our outdoor living environments a much nicer place to be. Here is why:

Bats are Excellent Pest Control

Have you ever noticed how comfortable your backyard can be when enjoying the nice, evening air? That is partly due to the colonies of bats living nearby. A single bat can consume more than one thousand flying insects, such as mosquitoes and gnats. And since bats are not solitary mammals, you can expect hundreds of bats darting and diving for insects all night long. That is an incredible amount of pest control, and all for free!

Bats Pollinate Our Crops and Gardens

Just like many other types of animals and insects, bats too help distribute pollen and other rich organic matter, which in turn provides a significant contribution to our local crops and gardens. It also makes our landscaping full and healthy, every spring and summer. This pattern of pollination also positively impacts our local economies in many ways.

Bats Stimulate Our Local Economies

Because bats are great a pollination and pest control, our crops and yields are much better in quality, nutrition, and appearance. This, in turn, helps local farmers and harvesters sell their goods and keep healthy, local foods in their community. It also creates jobs since more help is needed to farm and distribute annual crops.

Bats are So So Cute!

Have you ever seen a picture of a furry Little Brown bat? They are very adorable, especially as pups. How can you not love bats for this reason? If you do some more research, you will find thousands of species, all in a wide array of colors, wingspans, sizes, and unique attributes!

Solutions for Nuisance Bats

Of course, bats can also be a nuisance, even though they don’t mean to be. When land over-development and other contributions affect bats natural habitats, they tend to look for shelter anywhere they can. In many cases, this is our homes and buildings. But never worry! You can hire a licensed Kentucky bat removal and control company for safe and non-lethal abatement services at an affordable price.

Licensed Bat Removal and Control in Louisville, Kentucky

Call 502-553-7622 to speak a licensed professional regarding bat removal services in Louisville, Kentucky. Our DNR licensed and insured wildlife control experts also offer a wide range of residential and commercial bat cleanup and damage restoration services, including decontamination, fumigation, structural damage repair, preventative maintenance, post checkups, and more. We may also be able to provide bat damage insurance claim work depending on your particular policy and carrier.

Choose Louisville Bat Removal for Fast Bat Control You Can Afford

Louisville Bat Removal is a 100% animal friendly and humane business that provides affordable solutions for bat infestation problems in Central Kentucky. We are the licensed and insured wildlife control operators who specialize in affordable bat removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

Louisville Bat Removal and Cleanup
Louisville Bat Removal and Cleanup 502-553-7622

Trusted Bat Removal and Control in Kentucky

Here at Louisville Bat Removal, we offer customized solutions for safely and humanely getting rid of bats. Our services include, but are not limited to, bat extraction, 24 hour emergency service, bat cleanup and restoration, comprehensive inspections, bat proofing, preventative maintenance, integrated bat bug management, environmental monitoring and modification, post service checkups, free written estimates, referrals, bat information, advice, and more.

Depending on your particular policy and carrier, we can even provide insurance claim work for bat damage repairs. When it comes to our technique, we only use safe and humane methods of bat abatement. Furthermore, we remain in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws that govern wildlife. You can trust us for safe and professional bat removal service, and all at a price you can afford.

There are several reasons why you should choose us for bat extraction and exclusion here in Kentucky!

  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Local Community Members
  • 10+ Years Hands-On Experience
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Safe & Non-Lethal Methods
  • Economy-Based Prices
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges
  • Free Inspections & Estimates
  • Residential & Commercial Service
  • Insurance Work Compatible
  • Unparalleled Customer Support
  • Wide-Spread Service Area

It only takes 3 simple steps to get started with our bat removal services:

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Louisville Bat Removal provides residential and commercial bat removal and control. We also offer 24 hour emergency service.

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We provide comprehensive inspections to assess your bat problem and provide workable solutions within our budget.

❸ Sit Back and Relax While We Eliminate Your Bat Problem!

Not only do we get rid of bats safely and humanely, we also provide cleanup services, and even restorations for damages caused by bats.

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Call us at 502-553-7622 to request a free estimate for Louisville bat removal services, today. We offer a wide range of safe and humane bat removal and control services for both residential and commercial properties within Central Kentucky, at the most competitive prices in town. That means you can get affordable bat removal and control you can trust. It was over 30 years of experience under our belts, you can feel confident in our results.

Get Rid of Bats in the Chimney

Louisville Bat Removal 502-553-7622

Louisville Bat Removal 502-553-7622

If you have bats in your fireplace and chimney, and no other area of your home, consider yourself lucky. When bats are confined to a small area such as a chimney, they are easier to manage and exclude. If you believe you have a bat, or bats, in the chimney and fireplace, be sure to educate yourself on the best methods to removing them. If you suspect you have bats in there, you must wait to use it until they are gone. For this reason, you are wise to jump on the issue right away, and take the necessary measures to get rid of bats in the fireplace.

Continue reading to learn some easy and safe tips for getting started!

Bats in the Chimney

Most likely, if you have bats in the fireplace, they are coming and entering from the chimney. Bats like to roost and nest inside chimneys because of their obvious warmth, but also for adequate protection against predators and inclement weather. Signs that you may have bats inside your fireplace or chimney include strange, high-pitched noises at night, scuffling sounds, bat feces (guano) in the fireplace, and foul smells coming from inside the fireplace. There are two vital steps to take right away if you suspect there are bats in the chimney or fireplace. Do not hesitate even for a second on these two important tasks if you think you might have a bat infestation.

Here’s what to do:

Close the Damper! If the damper is left open, you can risk letting bats enter your home. And having flying bats inside your house is a bigger issue of safety and structural damage! Closing the damper also ensures that all the bats within the colony are accurately and properly excluded at the time of service.

Do Not Make a Fire! It is inhumane (and illegal) to kill bats, which happen to be highly beneficial parts of our surrounding eco-systems. Starting a fire will not only kill bats, it can cause other issues as well. To start a fire you must open the damper, which as we already discussed, will allow bats to enter into your home and lead to a whole other level of concerns.

The Final Step

After you are well-aware of these first two steps to getting rid of bats in the fireplace, you are ready to take the third and final step: calling a licensed bat removal and control company. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to safely remove bats and prevent their return, all within a convenient time frame.

It is strongly encouraged to contact a licensed and experienced wildlife control company that provides bat removal and exclusion services. Be sure they only use safe and non-lethal methods of animal removal, and have at least ten years of experience working with bats. A company with these credentials are much more likely to be trusted for quality workmanship and fair prices.

Bat Removal in Louisville Kentucky

Louisville Bat Removal Kentucky

Louisville Bat Removal 502-553-7622

Call 502-553-7622 for safe and humane bat removal in Louisville, Kentucky or its surrounding counties. We are DNR licensed bat removal and control contractors with decades of experience providing residential and commercial work. We also provide bat cleanup services, bat proofing, preventative maintenance, and even minor attic restorations and repairs. Call 502-553-7622 to request a free estimate or information, today.

Natural Methods to Get Rid of Bats

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Install a Bat House on a Nearby Tree

Bats are misunderstood. They are not the horrifying and unpredictable creatures you see on television; instead, they are vital members of our surrounding ecosystem. But even though they are important to our environment, they can still create problems, unfortunately making them nuisance wildlife. They are known to use man-made structures like houses, sheds, garages, roofs, and more as a shelter for roosting. And this creates costly and inconvenient structural damages, as well as, poses several health and safety issues. For this reason, it is important to get rid of bats as soon as you know they are nearby or inside your home. There are several methods for bat removal and control, most commonly professional bat removal service, but there are a few natural, household remedies you can try for minor situations. Continue reading to learn some common methods for getting rid of bats, naturally.

Build a Bat House

If you are noticing that there are one or two bats that seem to frequent a concentrated area of your property, start to watch this area around sunset to locate exactly where they are exiting your home from. Keep in mind that bats can fit through openings as small as a thumbprint, so do a thorough search to find the entry point. Use wire screen mesh and duct tape to seal the hole up once you are sure all the bats have left for the evening. Then build a bat house and place it somewhere close to the hole you’ve sealed up, and it will encourage them to use the bat house rather than searching for new entry points in your home.

Create an Invisible Perimeter

Louisville Bat Control 502-553-7622

Louisville Bat Control 502-553-7622

There are several scents and spices that bats hate. If you gather these up, combine them together, and then sprinkle them around the perimeter of your property, you may be able to thwart bats from trespassing altogether! Spices and scents to consider include chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, peppermint, menthol, ammonia, cloves, and eucalyptus. If you plan to use ammonia, mix it with water and put it in a clean spray bottle. Then just spray the perimeter of your lawn, as well as, the old entry points on the exterior of your home.

Install Predatory Devices

If you really want to keep bats away, you can consider purchasing and installing devices that will scare them off. You can use sound machines, automatic lighting, and ultrasonic wave machines have been said to be effective. These devices can skew their communication abilities, sleep cycles, and flying habits. So it will make them want to stay far away from your property.

Louisville Bat Removal and Control

Louisville Bat Removal Kentucky

Louisville Bat Removal 502-553-7622

Call 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional Louisville bat removal you can trust. We are DNR licensed and insured professionals that provide residential and commercial bat control services. We also provide minor attic restorations caused by bat damages. Call 502-553-7622 to request a free estimate for 24 hour bat removal and control in Louisville, Kentucky today.

Ground Rules for Bat Control

Depending on where you live, bats can either be a rare and magnificent sighting, or a nuisance animal problem. In areas where over-development has increased, bats have been forced out of their natural habitats, placing them in locations closer to municipal and suburban communities. This causes a problem among property owners because bats can do quite the damage, both inside and out. For this reason, many homeowners have been compelled to learn the ways of bat control.

But keep in mind that trapping and killing bats is never the humane or effective solution for a bat problem. Instead, you must rid the problem at its source using safe and humane intervention. If you are a new property owner and your home or building is located near wooded areas, you might want to prepare yourself for some bat sightings and potential issues. But if you are a property owner that has spotted bats around your property, it is important to make certain changes if you want to prevent potential bat infestations and costly structural damages. Continue reading to learn the basics of bat control, and how to protect your property from bats.

Signs of Bat Activity

There are distinctive signs you will see around your home or property that indicate recent bat activity. For instance, it is common to see bat droppings on window sills or ledges. You can tell bat guano from other animal droppings because it is more segmented and full of insect parts. Other signs include loose or fallen roof shingles, concentrated yellow or brown stains on walls and ceilings, strange squeaking or clicking noises at night, foul lingering odors, and brown or black stains around small openings. When bats come in and out of their roost, the oils on their dark fur rub against the surface, which can stain the edges of the opening black or brown.

Outdoor Maintenance

Bats are very small, so they can fit into the tiniest crevice or gap in the exterior of your home or structure. Often times, bats will use interior areas like attics and crawl spaces to build their roosts and breed their young. And they access these areas through miniature openings in the exterior of the home, some as small as 1/4th inch wide. Siding, roof shingles, soffits, gutters, and more are common entry points for bats. You must have your home or building professionally inspected for possible entry ways, and then have any vulnerable areas sealed. This preventative maintenance will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration down the road.

Once you are sure the exterior of your home is structurally-sound, you can continue addressing the additional outdoor maintenance needs for bat control. Start by removing anything that attracts bats to your property. This includes birdbaths, bird houses, standing water, compost piles, wood stacks, leaves, trash, dead animals, and anything else that attracts mosquitoes and insects.

From there, you can install sound machines and motion-sensored lighting to scare bats off when they approach too close. These strategies will help control the bat colonies living near you. It is important to contact a bat control company for help dealing with bat issues. They can remove bats from interior areas of your property, repair their damages, and prevent their return. Choose a licensed and experienced company for safe and humane bat removal and control services.

Louisville Bat Removal Services

Call 502-553-7622 when you need prompt and professional bat removal and control in Louisville, Kentucky. Our highly-trained and DNR licensed wildlife contractors provide a wide range of residential and commercial bat removal services at the most competitive prices in town. We also offer emergency 24 hour bat removal, back cleanup, minor attic restorations for bat damages, and more. Call 502-553-7622 to request a free estimate for Louisville bat removal service, today.

Fun Facts About Bats

Bats do not have the best reputation. This is a result of story-telling, movies, fear, misconceptions, and more. It certainly doesn’t help their case that they are also a nuisance wildlife in most states. But despite the social stigma that surrounds them, bats are also fascinating creatures, and an important part of our eco-system. They deserve far more credit than they get, and you will soon find out why! Continue reading to learn more about bats, and some fun facts about their species!

There are Two Kinds of Bats

All bats can be put in one of two categories: Microchiroptera or Megachiroptera. Microchiroptera, also called microbats, are small and mostly eat insects and small rodents. Megachiroptera, or megabats, are much larger and consume only the nectar and pollen from fruits and plants. The Vampire Bat and Little Brown Bat are two common micro-species. The Fruit Bat and the Flying Fox are two common mega-species.

Bats are the Only Mammal that Can Fly

Not only is it a surprise to some that bats are indeed mammals, they are the only mammals on Earth that are capable of “true” flight. Other mammals might have the ability to leap, jump, soar, or float to great extents, but the bat is the only one that can actually take flight and maintain flight. This is a cool fact!

Bats Can Eat More Than 1,000 Insects in One Hour

Bats play a major role in our surrounding eco-system simply by the amount of insects they consume on a nightly basis. Bats can eat more than 1,000 insects and mosquitos in as little as one hour! Not only does this make outdoor summer activities more comfortable for us, it plays a part in protecting plant life from over-infestation.

Not All Bats Use Echolocation to Navigate in the Dark

Microbats use echolocation to hunt and navigate in the dark, but Megabats do not. Megabats have a more pronounced visual cortex, giving them better visual acuity, as well as, an excellent sense of smell. For this reason, they do not require echolocation capabilities.

Bats are 20% of the Entire Mammalia Species

Bats are categorized into orders, classes, suborders, genera, and then species. And there are more than 900 species of bats! This adds up to nearly a quarter of all the mammals in the animal kingdom. That is a lot of insect control!

It is Illegal in Most States to Harm or Kill Bats

Most states prohibit those without a proper animal control or hunting permit to harm, trap, or kill bats. Bats are an important part of our eco-system, and should never be exterminated unless they are infected with a terminal disease or injured beyond the point of return. And in the case that a bat needs to be put down for injuries or illness, only a licensed wildlife control company has the resources and license to do so legally. So if you have nuisance bats in or around your home, call a licensed bat removal and control service for non-lethal wildlife control services you can trust.

Bat Removal in Louisville

Call 502-553-7622 if you need prompt and professional bat removal in Louisville, Kentucky. We are DNR licensed and insured wildlife control specialists that have decades of experience in the bat exclusion industry. We offer full-service bat removal and control, all of which are safe and humane. We never harm or kill bats, and instead, relocate them to a safe and faraway habitat where they can thrive in seclusion. We also offer free estimates, free advice, emergency bat removal, restorations for minor attic damages caused by bats, and much more. Call 502-553-7622 for trusted bat removal and control in Louisville and its surrounding locations.

How to Hire a Reputable Bat Removal Company

As soon as you are aware of a bat infestation problem in your home, you should immediately begin looking for a solution. The first place to start would be hiring a professional to remove bats from your home and prevent them from coming back. How do you know which company to trust? Read on to learn what to expect from a reliable bat exclusion company, and signs to avoid when interviewing each business.

Bat Control Contractors

There are certain qualities and services to expect from a reputable bat control company. These services and qualities will speak for the integrity of the business. First, a dependable and trustworthy bat exclusion company should be listed as an accredited member of the BBB, which stands for the Better Business Bureau. This marks them as a reliable and recognized company.

The next quality to look for is experience. Be sure to inquire about their business’s longevity and specialties. What do they specialize in? How long have they been in business? You don’t want to hire a pest control company that doesn’t particularly specialize in bat exclusion. The company of your choice should specialize in bat control and retain the proper equipment and industry knowledge to remove bats and prevent them from coming back. Exterminators that claim they can “remove anything” often use improper equipment and harmful chemicals to kill or catch bats. This is not the right, or safe, approach to bat removal; and bats should never be exterminated because they are assets to our environment and amazing mammals. They just don’t belong in our homes!

Never be afraid to ask about a company’s equipment and practices they use to carry out their services. It is important to know what kind of machines and tools will be used inside your home, as well as, how equipped they are to even do the job correctly. Inquire about their methods and theories on bat removal, if they use a bat trap (which should never be the case), and how they inspect for bat colonies and infestations. This is information you have every right to know before giving your money away.

A great quality to explore in a bat exclusion company is references. Any professional company should have multiple references, testimonials, fan pages, or other sources of customer reviews to prove their merit. Be sure to investigate all these avenues before deciding on a company to trust.

Bat Removal and Control in Kentucky

Call 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional bat removal and control in Louisville, Kentucky. Our wildlife rescue contractors use the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove bats and facilitate effective bat prevention. We never harm or kill bats, and have been a fully insured company, as well as, A+ Accredited BBB members, for more than 20 years. If you suspect you have a bat problem in your home or office, call us right away at 502-553-7622 for Louisville bat removal and control you can trust.

Are Bats Aggressive?

Many people immediately panic out of fear when they discover a bat in their house. This is mostly a result of a stigma influenced by Halloween, bedtime stories, vampire movies, and more. But the truth is, there is not much to be afraid of in terms of your own safety, because bats are not naturally aggressive mammals, and are not likely to “attack” a human. The only way you can be harmed by a bat is if they are infected with a disease or virus, and that virus is passed along via blood, saliva, or other bodily fluids from direct contact. If you are simply in the same vicinity as a bat, there is no need to panic. Simply take a breath, and then review some tips for handling a bat in the house. Continue reading to learn more about the surprisingly docile demeanor of bats, and what to do if one gets into your house.

Bats in the House

In the case that a bat has somehow made it into your house, there are a few things to remember about them before you run for the door screaming for help. For one, bats are not aggressive mammals. As mentioned before, they are not likely to attack a human. They would be simply too frightened to do anything of that nature. And although they are not known to harm humans intentionally, bats are known carriers of certain dangerous diseases, so it is best to avoid directly bodily contact with it. They are known to bite if provoked, so don’t get your fingers to close to its mouth, especially without heavy-duty gloves!

Second, bats that are perched off the ground, perhaps on a curtain rod or banister, are likely to take flight again. So if you approach a bat in your house that is in a high location, be prepared for it to fly away. But don’t be scared, they are flying to reach safety from you, not to attack you! Oppositely, if a bat is on the ground, it is not going to attempt flight again. Instead, they will crawl until they reach something they can climb. This is a good situation to be in because you can simply grab some gloves, goggles, and a long sleeve shirt and scoop it with a shoe box to release it outside. If you do this, be sure to release the bat somewhere high up, like a picnic table or tree branch, since you already know they can’t take flight from flat ground.

It is not suggested to try catching and releasing the bat, but if you insist on trying, the above method is a good start. It is better to simply open all doors and windows, and encourage the bat to fly back outside. This way, you can avoid direct contact with the bat, eliminating the potential of harming yourself or the bat. The best method of handling a bat in the house is to call a professional bat removal and control company. They retain the proper tools, licenses, and training to safely and humanely remove the bat and release it into a faraway habitat.

Louisville Bat Removal

Call 502-553-7622 for safe and humane bat removal in Louisville, Kentucky. We are DNR licensed and insured bat exclusionists with decades of experience in the wildlife control industry. We offer a wide range of bat removal and control services for residential and commercial properties. When you have a bat in the attic, we are the experts to trust for safe and efficient service you can afford! Call 502-553-7622 to get rid of bats in Louisville, KY today.

The Best Treatment for Bat Control

Wild bats are commonly found out in the country, or rural areas of Kentucky. But of course, they are frequently spotted in urban city areas too. Where ever your property is located, bats can potentially be a problem, if they haven’t been already. If you want to truly curb bat infestation and activity near your home or building, trust the best and most effective treatment for it: preventative maintenance. Continue reading to learn why prevention is the best method to protecting your investments from nuisance wildlife damage,
and how to get started today.

Bat Prevention Tips

The first place to think about for bat prevention is the exterior of the property. Roof shingles, windows, doors, siding, overhangs, awnings, porches, and more should all be inspected for openings and vulnerabilities. A licensed contractor should be hired to provide professional sealing and repair services to ensure this step is done properly. Once you know your property is adequately sealed from the outside, you can move onto the next phase of bat control and prevention.

There are several products available on the market for nuisance bat control. You can consider trying out some of these devices to see if they can work for you. If they do not seem to add any value, simply return them for a refund. One such device available is an ultrasonic wave machine that use high-pitched sonar emissions to keep bats away. You can also consider a sound machine that emits the sounds of certain predators bats fear.

Aside from home repairs and electronic devices, you can also install automatic lights outside of your property to keep bats from entering your territory. Bats like the dark, so they will stay clear of bright, lit-up areas. By having them set on motion sensors, you can save energy and keep other nuisance wildlife away.

If you live in the country or rural area, try compromising with the local bat population by setting out bat houses far from your home. These are just like bird houses except the opening is at the bottom, allowing bats to fly in and hang from the top. This will not only keep them occupied and away from your living quarters, it can also give licensed exclusionists an advantage when relocating them to a safer habitat.

Call a professional bat removal and control service for problems with bat activity near your home. They retain the proper licensing and training to LEGALLY and safely remove bats and prevent their return. Never try to catch, harm, or kill a wild bat. Call a bat removal service instead! They use safe and non-lethal methods to remove bats and relocate them to a faraway habitat.

Bat Removal in Louisville

Call 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional bat removal service in Louisville, Kentucky and its surrounding counties. We are DNR licensed wildlife specialists with decades of experience working with bats. We only use safe and humane methods to exclude bats, also providing preventative maintenance and attic repairs for bat damages. Call 502-553-7622 for affordable and reliable bat control in Louisville, KY today.

Are You Hearing Bat Noises in Your House?

Have you heard some strange noises in your home lately and you suspect they are coming from bats? Sometimes, homeowners hear scratching, squealing, chirp-like sounds commonly associated with bats, but the truth is, bats are fairly quiet creatures. You are more likely to SEE signs of bat infestation before you actually ever hear them. This includes seeing unusual stains on walls and ceilings (urine and guano stains most likely), gaps and openings in the exterior of the home (roof shingles, siding, etc.), and actual bats flying around your property.

This means, bat infestation problems tend to go on for quite some time before they are noticed by homeowners. And if you can actually hear bats on your property, it has reached a level where the numbers are now very large. The best strategy against bat infestation is bat-proofing services. Professional wildlife control companies offer preventative maintenance for homes and properties to protect against bats and more. Continue reading to learn some more facts about hearing bats and bat noises in the home.

Bat Sounds

Bats, although quiet, do make characteristic sounds. Squeaking and scratching are common sounds made by bats, either flying around or during stationary activity. The problem with bat sounds and homeowners is that many people think they are hearing bats, when in fact, they are hearing something completely different. For example, there are birds called Chimney Swifts that take shelter in, you guessed it, chimneys. When these birds are occupying chimneys, they produce similar sounds as bats do. Many homeowners think they have a bat infestation when really, they actually have Chimney Swifts.

Other times, homeowners believe they have a cockroach or mice infestation, when in fact, it is a bat infestation. This is why it is important to hire a professional wildlife control company for accurate diagnostics and bat removal services. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to identify a bat problem and provide affordable solutions to get rid of them.

Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky

Call 502-553-7622 for DNR licensed bat removal service in Louisville, Kentucky today. We offer a wide range of bat removal and control services at the most competitive prices in town. Our highly trained and certified wildlife rescue contractors only use safe, non-lethal methods to extract bats and prevent them from returning. We also offer bat cleanup services. Call 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional bat removal and control services in Louisville, KY and its surrounding counties.