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Bat Removal Jeffersontown, Kentucky

We offer bat removal in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.  We take pride in our reputation.  We provide the highest quality bat control services in town, with the fairest prices.  Our company even works side-by-side with your home owners’ insurance company to handle structural damage repairs in your home.  We are fast, effective, and courteous.  Trust us to carry out a truly professional bat removal job in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.


Bats in the Attic - Jeffersontown, KY

Bats in the attic in Jeffersontown, KY are a common nuisance that can be quite unpleasant to deal with. If you suspect a colony of bats living in your attic or other area of your home or property, it is important to take action right away. It can be dangerous to attempt bat removal on your own, so be sure to consult a professional for advice before trying to trap a bat. Bats are also protected creatures, and it is more important to extract bats without harming them or your property. Hiring a professional is highly recommended if you have bats in the attic in Jeffersontown, KY.