These Household Spices Can Keep Bats Away!

If you have been experiencing some bat interference around your property, and you want a safe, non-toxic, and affordable means of keeping them away, look no further than your very own spice cabinet.

Louisville Bat Control 502-553-7622

Louisville Bat Control 502-553-7622

Bats can be a serious nuisance for residential properties. They can cause structural damages to the interior and exterior of homes, as well as, pose several health risks to people and pets. For this reason, it is important to take action against a bat problem early on, before the situation gets out of control. There are various methods to keep bats away, including electronic sound machines and motion-sensor lighting; however, for minor bat presence around the property, your spice cabinet might be all that you need.

You see, there are several smells and spices that bats simply hate. If they detect these odors, they will stay far from them. Placing these mixtures around the outside of your home where you have spotted bats is an excellent method of safe and humane, DIY bat control. Continue reading to learn which spices to use and how to use them!

🌿 Mint

Because mint has such a strong odor, most animals will stay away from it at all costs. This includes bats. You can purchase mint extract, oil, or produce to use as a nontoxic repellant. Any type of mint works, including peppermint and spearmint. Place a few drops near the bat’s points of interest, and reapply every few days. You can also soak cotton balls in mint oil or extract, place them in a baggy with holes poked in it, and place it near the bat’s hang out.

🌿 Menthol and Eucalyptus

Just like mint, menthol is also delivers a pungent odor, making it a perfectly safe bat repellant. Use it the same way you would mint, too. Buy extract or oil and place a few drops near the areas where bat activity takes place. You can also soak cotton balls and then place them in a bowl, or in baggy that’s been pierced. If you cannot find menthol oil or extract, you can use a menthol-based vapor rub, crushed menthol cough drops, or fresh eucalyptus plant.

🌿 Mothballs

Just like the other items, mothballs are strong in smell. They are, however, toxic, and should be used with caution. Place them in a bowl and place it near bat entry points or in the attic. This can effectively repel bats, but is not recommended for homes with children, pets, and occupants with upper respiratory complications.

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