How to Tell If Bats are Living Inside a Building?

Bats are mammals that fly; and they use their gift of flight to assist in their search for better shelter from predators and inclement weather conditions.  Although bats are quite beneficial to our ecosystem, the same cannot be said for their influences on our commercial real estate.

Once bats find shelter in our buildings and around our properties, their natural behaviors of feeding, breeding, nesting, and other activity affects the value and construction of the property.  Their droppings and urine can soil insulation in attics and crawl spaces. It can also seep into ceilings and walls, creating foul and unexplained odors.  Sheet rock, ceilings, dry wall, insulation, roof shingles, siding, and more can all be damaged by bat infestations and nesting.

If you suspect you may have a colony of bats living inside your building or around our property, it is important to take action right away.  The longer bats dwell within these spaces, the more damage will accumulate over time.  Once there is even the slightest suspicion that you may have a case of bats nesting in or around your property, something must be done.

Here are some clues to help decipher whether or not you have bats living within or around your building.  Be sure to never attempt to trap a bat on your own because it can be dangerous and risk more damages to your building.  Read the telltale signs below, and if any clue describes your situation, then you could definitely have bats on your property and will need to contact a professional bat control company for assistance.

Mysterious Stains on Walls and Ceilings:  If bats are in the attic areas of a building, their droppings and urine have nowhere else to go but down.  Down the ceilings and walls it flows; attracting insects and others pests, resulting in more of an infestation problem.  This situation causes discolored stains and foul odors which is a common sign of bat invasion.

Bat Guano:  If anyone spots or smells bat droppings, you have bats near your building.  Bat guano also has a very distinct odor which easily sets it apart and distinguishes it from other animal droppings.  Bat guano is often found near bat entrances and is another sure sign that there are bats living on your property.

Flying Bats:  If anyone sees even one bat flying around your property or building, it could mean that they are lost from the colony and searching for them.  The colony could be inside the building and the bat is unable to find the entrance again, or, it could mean that the colony is close enough to your property that stray bats on wandering close by.

Scratching and Squeaking Noises:  If noises that sound like squeaks and scratching are heard more than a few times inside walls and other areas of the building, this could mean bats.  By taking a closer look, you can figure out if bats have found their way inside the walls leading to the attic and crawl spaces, or if you just have mice.  Both are problems.

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