Where Do Bats Live?

Bats are interesting mammals that have interesting characteristics and behaviors. Bats are fascinating animals which explains why people have so many great questions about these swift creatures. One popular question about bats is where they live and how they choose their homes in the wild. Continue reading and we’ll discuss these bat related questions a little more.

Bats Reside in Various Places

There are many different species of bats found all over the world. There are possibly even hundreds of undiscovered species of bats out there right now! Among all these species are thousands of different characteristics and styles of living, mating, feeding, and of course, dwelling. Depending on the region in which the bat comes from, determines the home it generally makes for itself. Before identifying specific places bats can be found dwelling within, let’s first acknowledge the type of home all bats prefer.

Bats like dark, remote, narrow, and warm places to sleep, nest, and breed their young. This means bats can be found in several different settings. Bats are typically known to live in caves, which is true; but not all bats live in caves. Hollowed out trees, large rock crevices, cliff sides, and residential properties are all common choices for bats to make homes in. Barns, garages, attics, crawl spaces, roof tops, and even dumpsters are all places bats are commonly found. They can even be found inside a home’s siding and eaves.

Bats look big when they are flying in the sky, but they are actually very tiny. They can easily find their way into our homes and commercial properties in search of shelter. If this ever happens, contact a professional bat removal company for fast and effective assistance.

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