How Do Bats Fly?

One of the most fascinating and fun facts about bats is that they are the only mammal on earth that is capable of true flight. This means bats are the only member of the Mammalian family that can really fly. Most other mammals can glide, float, hover, or soar, which makes them appear to be natural flyers; but bats are the only species of mammal that can actually achieve true flight. Bats use their own body and wing power to fly and control their flight. Continue reading to learn more about bats, how they fly, and more.

Bat Wings

Bats are not like birds and covered in feathers, instead, they are covered in fur. They have large wings that, depending on the species, can range in length and width. The wings are a thin and almost-transparent membrane that are similar to the webbing in our hands. At the tip of a bat wing is one large hook-shaped claw, which is used in the same way we use our thumbs. Bats use this “thumb-like” talon to climb, mostly. Some species of bat have wing-membrane that extends all the way to their tail, capable of being used a as a pouch. But it’s not just the wings that help bats fly, it’s also their bodies.

Bats are light in weight. They have short, thick bodies, with a chest-size broader than their tail-span. All of these traits, as well as their wings, assist them in achieving flight. In order to fly, bats use a row-like maneuver to create lift-off. Their wings also retract, allowing bats to tuck their wings close to their chest to move more swiftly, mid-flight and between flaps.

When it comes to flying, bats are agile, aerodynamic, and swift. Many people believe bats are blind, and that their eyesight affects the way they fly. But this is simply untrue. Bats have very good vision, and can see just fine; but they do have narrow optical centers that inhibit their vision capabilities. This is why microbats also use echolocation, a sonar-like ability, to locate food and map their surroundings. Megabats, like the Flying Fox, have larger and wider visual centers that allow them to see well and not need echolocation.

Bats are amazing creatures and a significant part of our Eco-system, but sometimes they can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, making them nuisance wildlife. If you have a bat infestation on your property, or may have bats in the attic or some other interior area of your home, contact a Louisville bat removal company for safe and humane assistance.

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