Is Bat Guano Toxic?

Bat guano is the organic waste matter produced by bats.  When a person spots an area with bat guano accumulation, they can safely suggest there is a bat colony nearby.  Bats typically reside in one area, where they eat and produce waste for as long as they inhabit the space.  Many homeowners suffer the consequences of bat infestation, mostly due to the mass accumulation of bat guano and droppings in their home.  Read on to learn why bat guano is unhealthy and unsafe for humans, and how to get rid of bat guano in your home or commercial building.


Bat guano and bat droppings can be unsafe for humans, especially children.  In bat guano, a fungus called Histoplasmosis Capsulatum grows and gives off toxic spores that we inhale in the air.  These spores can cause infectious lung diseases like Histoplasmosis, Spelunker’s Lung, Cave Disease, Ohio Valley Disease, Reticuloendotheliosis, and Darling’s Disease.  These illnesses have similar symptoms of the common cold or flu.  Cough, fever, sneezing, and difficulty breathing are all signs of Histoplasmosis and other lung diseases.  These illnesses are not contagious, but can be easily and unknowingly contracted through inhaling spores in the air of an infested home or building.

Bat Guano Odor and Stain Detection

Many homeowners begin to suspect bat infestation and guano problems with odor and stain detection.  A common tell-tale sign of long-term bat intrusion is stained walls and strong odor presence within certain areas of the home.  Bat droppings and urine create a very unique smell that experts can detect immediately.  It also stains walls a yellowish and sometimes brown-like color.  If a homeowner comes across this situation, it is suggested that they have their home inspected by a professional bat or animal removal company (not a pest control company) right away.  Long-term bat infestation means there is a large accumulation of bat guano in the infested area of the property.  If odor is detected, inhalation of lung disease-causing spores could have occurred.  A professional company retains the proper equipment and knowledge to accurately and thoroughly inspect a home for babies, colonies, damages, and more.  A reputable company will be licensed and insured to quickly and safely resolve the entire issue, including the inspection.

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