Learn Why the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat is So Unique

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats

When it comes to the Mexican Free-Tailed bat, you may not think its special just by looking at it. They appear to look like any other Microchiroptera bat, covered in light brown or black fur with long wings and a flat nose. But if you were to look closer, you will see some physical traits that do make them a bit different from other microbats. For instance, their name is derived from their free-hanging tail that extends beyond their tail membranes. And they also have wrinkled lips, distinctive to their particular genus.

But there is more to the Mexican Free-Tailed bat that sets them apart from other members of the Chiroptera order other than their few distinguishable traits. Continue reading to learn more reasons why this species is so unique.

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats

Mexican Free-Tailed bats are sometimes known as Brazilian Free-Tail bats, but also called Guano bats, because they produce large amounts of droppings. As for their scientific name, they are referred to as Tadarida brasiliensis, and belong to the Molossidae family and Tadarida genus. And here are some very interesting facts that make them such a special species of bat:

🦇 They are incredibly fast at flying, reaching up to 99 miles per hour!

🦇 They are now proven to be the fasted flying animal in the world. 30 miles per hour faster than the fastest bird! (Excluding hawks, falcons, and ducks.)

🦇 They can fly higher than any other bat, at extremely high altitudes up to 10,000 feet. No other animal or human can survive this altitude because of the lack of oxygen!

🦇 They form the largest colonies out of all other warm-blooded species. One of largest and most well-known Mexican Free-Tailed bat colonies has a population of over 20 million bats! (Bracken Cave, San Antonio, Texas)

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