Insurance Coverage Information for Bat Removal and Bat Damages

A bat is not animal that will chew holes in the siding of your home, or to through any other area of a property are building. This is because bats are capable of fitting through crevices smaller than a quarter of an inch wide. They are able to fit and squeeze through small spaces that may not even be visible to the human eye. Through warm and cold seasons, wild bats are in constant search of comfortable and dark shelter. Once they find a desirable area, they will begin to nest and breed. This almost always creates an extensive amount of damage, filth, and disorder. These damages can be extremely expensive and costly to repair; and the mass can be difficult and uncomfortable to clean.

Bat Damages

You see, bats will cause several structural damages to certain areas of a home or property. Their favorite areas include attics, crawlspaces, garages, rooftops, sheds, under porches, patios, and more. When they gain entry to these areas, they will build nests by tearing and ripping the attic insulation or drywall to pieces. They are also known to rip off roof shingles. Their urine and feces quickly accumulate which can cause ceiling stains, drywall saturation, unmanageable odors, and countless other undesirable and costly consequences. On top of back cleanup expenses, most home and property owners have to enlist restoration and repair services as well. It requires special training and skills, as well as custom equipment and tools, to facilitate repairs for bat damages. This includes cleanup services. On top of urine and droppings, bats will also leave behind birthing and breeding remains, nesting materials, and more. This is an extensive cleanup task that can take many days to complete, and requires special strategies and sanitizing.

Insurance Policies

Upon discovering an abundance of bat damages and needed restorations, a home or property owner can get overwhelmed thinking about the total cost to fix all of it. It is best in the situation to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and review the policy you have them.

Unfortunately in many cases, homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover bat damages, or any other type of wild animal damages. Insurance companies believe it is up to the home or property owner to prevent animals from intruding and causing damages. They imply that a home or property owner should be aware of animal infestations and stop them before they get out of control. They refer to past and animal infestations as “maintenance issues,” which are not covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies.

Although most insurance policies do not cover animal damages, it is important to understand the underlying message. That message is to be sure you are regularly inspect in your home or property for wild animal infestations or damages. Call a local bat control company for property inspection services and bat proofing and prevention services. These services are much more affordable than paying for bat damages and restorations in the long run. Be sure to choose a company that’s licensed and reputable within the community. Research their company credentials and be sure to call and ask questions to ensure you are outsourcing reliable bat removal and control services. In some instances, you can find a company that is compliant with local insurance companies and can help with bat damages and insurance coverage issues.

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