Landlord’s Responsibility to Get Rid of Bats in Apartment Buildings

When a tenant complains of bat infestation issues within their apartment unit, whose responsibility is it to resolve the problem? The answer is the landlord or building owner, of course. Unfortunately, it is common to have trouble convincing a landlord to address animal invasion issues, such as bat removal. In these cases, it is best to compromise and educate a property-owner in order to better persuade them for help. Arguing and hostility will lead to nowhere, fast. Continue reading to learn about a landlord’s responsibility to handle bat infestation and bat control issues within their properties, and how to effectively influence them to take action.

General Landlord Responsibilities

A landlord is the owner of a property that is being rented out or leased to outside individuals, called tenants. As the real estate owner, it is entirely their responsibility to maintain the property in livable conditions. They are required to make sure all areas of the complex they rent or lease is safe, in good condition, and meets all the contractual agreements originally promised to the tenant. Animal and pest infestations are considered outside disturbances that occur without the influence of the tenant in any way. This means that it is not the tenant’s fault that bats, or other pests, have entered the home.

How to Convince a Landlord to Fix a Bat Problem

It is easy for a landlord to evade structural damage needs and infestation problems because they simply do not want to pay for the repairs. In the case that a landlord is being evasive about a bat control issue, it is recommended to civilly remind them of the possible complications that arise from long-term bat infestation. For example, a person might mention the devastating and costly damages that occur overtime due to mass-accumulation of bat guano and urine. Also, some local laws hold landlords accountable for Rabies shots and vaccinations if a tenant is bitten. These can cost up to five thousand dollars per shot!

Another hard-hitting factor has to do with home and property insurance. A landlord might like to know that their insurance company may not cover any harm caused by bats if the owner was aware of the infestation in advance. Allowing the damages to accumulate puts the landlord at fault for any extensive destruction accrued from bat invasions. This type of on-going vandalism can put a building owner at a grave disadvantage when it comes time to re-sell the property, entirely.

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