Can I Keep a Wild Bat as a Pet?

In today’s society, it is certainly more popular to own exotic pets than it ever has been before; even though the records show it isn’t always a great idea. When it comes to pet bats, there are societies and exotic pet breeders that sell bats as pets; however, it takes thousands and thousands of years to successfully domesticate a wild animal. Domestic dogs date back all the way to the caveman days!

So no matter how many years a person has been breeding bats, or any wild animal, there is no guarantee that they will adapt well to domestication. Continue reading to learn the details behind whether or not you can, or should, keep a wild bat as a pet in your home.

Bats are Protected Under Law

In most states and jurisdictions, bats are a protected species and cannot be harmed, trapped, captured, or disrupted in any way. If you are caught in a state that does not allow wild animal domestication, you can be fined up to one thousand dollars or more. In some cases, people can even lose their privileges of pet ownership altogether if animal cruelty is suspected. In these areas, a person must retain proper licenses and permits to keep wild bats and other animal in captivity. This is typical for zoos, scientific organizations, and wildlife rescue foundations. These facilities must prove that they are providing a “sanctuary” and an apposite habitat lifestyle for the animals.

Even though there isn’t a need for another reason why a person really can’t keep a wild bat as a pet, there are more of them. For example, bats are primary known carriers of the rabies virus. A simple, quick, and sometimes unnoticeable, bat bite can transfer to illness to a pet or human and make them very sick. Bats carry other contagious diseases as well; such as leptospirosis, salmonella, Histoplasmosis, bat mites, lice, and more. In general, it is never a good or safe idea to come into contact with wild bats in any way, ever. If you truly love bats, try getting involved in a wildlife organization for bats or bat rescue societies. This way you can make a valuable contribution while admiring the species from afar.

If you see a wild bat near your home, be thankful for the nightly insect control; however, if you think you might already have a bat in your house, attic, or roof, call a professional bat control technician. Be sure to hire a company that uses safe and humane bat control methods.

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