Are Bats Aggressive?

Many people immediately panic out of fear when they discover a bat in their house. This is mostly a result of a stigma influenced by Halloween, bedtime stories, vampire movies, and more. But the truth is, there is not much to be afraid of in terms of your own safety, because bats are not naturally aggressive mammals, and are not likely to “attack” a human. The only way you can be harmed by a bat is if they are infected with a disease or virus, and that virus is passed along via blood, saliva, or other bodily fluids from direct contact. If you are simply in the same vicinity as a bat, there is no need to panic. Simply take a breath, and then review some tips for handling a bat in the house. Continue reading to learn more about the surprisingly docile demeanor of bats, and what to do if one gets into your house.

Bats in the House

In the case that a bat has somehow made it into your house, there are a few things to remember about them before you run for the door screaming for help. For one, bats are not aggressive mammals. As mentioned before, they are not likely to attack a human. They would be simply too frightened to do anything of that nature. And although they are not known to harm humans intentionally, bats are known carriers of certain dangerous diseases, so it is best to avoid directly bodily contact with it. They are known to bite if provoked, so don’t get your fingers to close to its mouth, especially without heavy-duty gloves!

Second, bats that are perched off the ground, perhaps on a curtain rod or banister, are likely to take flight again. So if you approach a bat in your house that is in a high location, be prepared for it to fly away. But don’t be scared, they are flying to reach safety from you, not to attack you! Oppositely, if a bat is on the ground, it is not going to attempt flight again. Instead, they will crawl until they reach something they can climb. This is a good situation to be in because you can simply grab some gloves, goggles, and a long sleeve shirt and scoop it with a shoe box to release it outside. If you do this, be sure to release the bat somewhere high up, like a picnic table or tree branch, since you already know they can’t take flight from flat ground.

It is not suggested to try catching and releasing the bat, but if you insist on trying, the above method is a good start. It is better to simply open all doors and windows, and encourage the bat to fly back outside. This way, you can avoid direct contact with the bat, eliminating the potential of harming yourself or the bat. The best method of handling a bat in the house is to call a professional bat removal and control company. They retain the proper tools, licenses, and training to safely and humanely remove the bat and release it into a faraway habitat.

Louisville Bat Removal

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