What Happens to Bats After Bat Removal Service?

When bats get inside, it is necessary to get them out as soon as possible. Professional wildlife specialists implement a systematic, non-lethal procedure to locate, remove, and exclude bats; and then follow up with comprehensive decontamination services and structural damage repairs. This 100% safe and humane system is in adherence to industry-accepted standards and best practices, as well as, all local, state, and federal laws that govern wildlife. With this information, you may wonder what happens to bats in the case that they are live captured by professional wildlife technicians during the extraction and exclusion process. Continue reading to learn where bats are taken and what happens to them after they are removed from a residence or building.

Louisville Bat Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Louisville Bat Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Bat Preservation

Bats are incredibly important parts of our surrounding eco-system. They are very fascinating because they are the only mammals that can truly fly. Furthermore, they consume more than 1000 insects in just one night, which means you can enjoy your outdoor activities without going to bed with a dozen bug bites. And although we do not want them in our homes and buildings, we do want them to stick around. It is important to protect the well-being of bats in order to preserve their colonies and habitats. For these reasons and more, professional bat abatement companies use safe and humane strategies for capturing and releasing nuisance bats.

Not only do professional bat abatement technicians use non-lethal, non-toxic products and techniques, they also use live bat traps. These devices to not harm or kill bats, and instead, are bedded and keeps them safe until they are retrieved by the bat control technician. For bats that are not caught using a trap, specialized non-harmful equipment is used to handle them, including gloves, extendable pole and cloths for picking and wrapping them up. They also use 1cc syringes loaded with sodium lactate solution to keep bats hydrated after capture.

Once captured in a live trap, bats are safely and gently transported to a specialized rehabilitation facility where they undergo Rabies screenings. If bats are in a sleepy or cold state, they are given time to warm up and awaken before testing to ease their comfort. If they are Rabies-free, they are thoroughly inspected for injuries, which are properly treated upon discovery.

After screening, captured bats are cared for with meal worms, water, and puppy formula (for babies) until they are transported to a faraway location where they will be reintroduced into the wild. These locations have been designated as approved wildlife habitats for bats, and are far enough away that the bats will not be a burden to municipal and residential areas ever again.

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