Do Bats Bite?

The quick answer to this question is yes; however, there is a longer explanation to support the actual reasoning behind the answer. Bats are wild animals, making them extremely impulsive and hard to control. This can pose a threat to anyone, including pets. Bats do have teeth, and yes they will bite; but, why do they bite? And what can result from these wounds? These are the more important questions you should be asking yourself.

Will Bats Attack People?

Bats are wild animals that are instinctively programmed to defend themselves when threatened or provokes. If a person happens to disturb a sleeping bat colony, it could easily explode into a swarm and potentially harm anyone in its path. Bats also have claws. These claws can scratch and scrape our skin, leaving painful cuts and abrasions. Bats have teeth and could possible bite a human too; however, there are more cases of dogs being bitten than humans. Bites and open wounds are what make us susceptible to bat diseases, and without treatment, could mean death.

Diseases Passed on By Bats

Bats are common carriers of a well-known virus called rabies. Rabies is deadly for cats, dogs, and other small animals. This is why vaccinations are so important. When a human contracts Rabies, they are in store for a very painful shot, and uncomfortable treatment. If the illness goes untreated, it can also mean death. Along with rabies, bats carry other undesirable and contagious ailments. For example, bats are carriers of little tiny insects called bat mites. They are microscopic, and cause similar symptoms as bed bugs. In fact, they are commonly mistaken for them in residential homes. As you can see, bats are not meant for domestication or interference by humans. Steer clear of these mammals, and if you see one, call a local bat removal company for instructions right away!

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