Are Bat Mites and Bed Bugs the Same?

People all across the country have experienced a bug infestation of some kind. Whether its mosquitoes, ants, gnats, or fleas, we have all been there at least once in our lives. Out of all of the insects that we encounter in our lifetime, bat mites are one we would commonly overlook. No one ever talks about bat mites, mostly because they are often times mistaken for bed bugs

Continue below to learn the similarities and differences between the two insects, as well as, how to permanently get rid of bat mites in your home.

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A typical bat mite.

Bed Bugs Versus Bat Mites

Most people have heard stories of bed bug infestations, and many have even experienced it for themselves. The usual signs include itching, red bumps and bites, and minuscule bugs in your linens and bed sheets. To get rid of them, people have used exterminators, aerosol sprays, and insecticide treatments to kill and remove the “bed bug” problem.  What some find, is that the infestation eventually comes back.

This is most likely because they treatment administered wasn’t strong enough, or the infestation isn’t bed bugs at all, its bat mites. Bat mites behave very similar to bed bugs. They are tiny parasitic insects that cling to a host and can live up to one year if the climate is agreeable. They live sustainably in dark and narrow areas, just like bats, which is why bats are their favorite hosts.

How to Get Rid of Bat Mites

⚠ No matter how many times your house is fumigated, disinfected, and treated, BAT MITES WILL NEVER GO AWAY unless you get rid of the bats, first!

Standard extermination services are not the correct treatment for bat mites. So long as their host remains, bat mites will continue to breed and reproduce at an exponential rates. Once the bat colonies are cleared from the area and proper preventative maintenance is implemented to ensure there will be no more future bat break-ins, you are on your way to a pest-free living space. This is when you can begin to properly clean and sanitize the area for bat mites. Keep in mind that bats can also carry and transmit fleas, lice, and ticks.

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How to Get Rid of Bats Behind Window Shutters

Bats are very tiny here in Kentucky, allowing them to take shelter in the teeniest, tiniest of places. One such place is right behind your window shutters. Bats like window shutter voids because they offer easy access, optimal privacy, and warmth through the colder days of the year. If you suspect that bats are roosting behind your window shutters, start looking for the signs of local bat activity to confirm their presence.

Continue reading to learn these signs, as well as, how to stop them roosting in your shutters for good.

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Signs of Roosting Bats

Bats are small, which makes them good at hiding, but are not very good at staying hid, as they tend to leave behind signs that reveal their presence. One of the most common and easiest-to-spot signs is their droppings, otherwise known as guano. Although bat guano is often mistaken for rodent droppings, you can quickly tell the difference by taking a closer look. Bat guano is much larger than rodent droppings, which are generally pellet-like. Bat droppings looks more similar to that of a small dog rather than a rodent. In most cases, they are in large accumulations, which is not typical of rodent droppings.

Another common sign of bats nearby is scratch marks or grease-like stains on the shutter faces. This indicates that bats are flying and rubbing against the shutters on a regular basis. Another sign is actually witnessing them enter behind your shutters. You can safely assume they have made a nest and intend on staying there for a long time if you see this happen.

How to Stop Bats From Coming Back

To get rid of bats roosting behind window shutters, your safest and most humane option would be to use their sense of smell against them. Bats hate scents that are strong-smelling and stinky, and will avoid them at all costs. During the daytime, make sure the void behind your shutters is empty, then stick some mothballs inside. This will most certainly divert their interest in this spot. See our blog, “These Household Spices Can Keep Bats Away!” for some more scents bats hate.

If you check behind your shutters and there is a bat there, immediately walk away and contact a licensed Louisville bat removal company. There are several state and federal laws that govern bats, and you do not want to jeopardize your legal liability. Furthermore, some bats are federally-protected, such as the Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalist), which are common here in Kentucky. See our blog, “Kentucky Laws About Tampering With Wild Bats” to learn more laws about bats.

If your mothballs do not seem to work, you can always remove your shutters for a year, and therefore, remove your location from their memory. Otherwise, your Louisville bat control specialist can help you make the proper environmental modifications and exterior renovations to ensure your property remains protected against nuisance wildlife like bats.

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