The Importance of Bat Proofing After Storm Damage Remodels

Here is scenario that has happened to thousands of homeowners all across the country:

Louisville Bat Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Louisville Bat Removal and Control 502-553-7622

A homeowner discovers a bat infestation in their home, so they hire a bat removal and control company to remove the bats, clean up after them, restore any damages they caused, and implement preventative maintenance to prevent bats from coming back. Then later on, their home is severely damaged by inclement weather, a house fire, or some other major devastation. After having the repairs and remodels completed, they forget to bat proof their home again, just as the professionals did the first time they had a bat problem. As a result, they have another costly bat infestation.

What You Can Do

To avoid this problem, always be sure to re-bat proof your home after having remodeling work done. Even if your home wasn’t damaged, aesthetic remodels can still lack bat proofing features, which can put your home in a highly vulnerable position. Contact a local and trusted Louisville bat removal and control specialist for professional advice on protecting your home from nuisance bats.

Proofing a home against bats is not just about sealing up structural vulnerabilities like holes and gaps; it is also about making the proper environmental modifications to ensure bats are not attracted to your property to begin with. This includes removing hiding places like bird houses, log piles, hollowed trees, and more. It also includes installing motion activated lights, ultra sonic sound machines, and even spraying your lawn with predator urine.

Common Scenarios for a Second Round of Bat-Proofing:

Storm Damage (i.e. tornado, hurricane, floods, fallen tree, heavy rains and winds, etc.)
House Fires
Explosions (i.e. gas explosions, water heaters, etc.)
Major Remodels (i.e. siding or roof replacement, patio installation, garage addition, new floor addition, etc.)

Louisville Bat Removal and Control

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