What Comes After Bat Removal?

Bats are highly capable mammals, whose nocturnal advantages sometimes get the best of us humans. This means, bats can find their way into the smallest hole or crevice, and gain entry to our homes, right beneath our noses! When a person has a home infested with bats, there is a period of time spent expelling the bats from the house. A professional bat removal company is generally enlisted to capture and release the bats, without harming them. Bats need to be removed from a property immediately after discovery because they can cause a large amount of destruction in a short amount of time. So what happens once the bats are gone? The next step is bat cleanup and restoration.

Bat Clean Up and Restoration Services

In residential areas, bats like to seek out shelter in garages, sheds, crawl spaces, attics, rooftops, and more. These areas, overtime, become highly unsanitary and saturated with bat urine and guano. This creates an environment for disease and bacteria to grow. A space occupied by bats becomes a feeding ground, breeding ground, and restroom, all at once. These damages can be repaired, but require professional cleaning and restoration services. Fortunately, well-equipped bat removal companies can offer these kinds of services.

Dry wall, baseboards, and ceiling panels all become saturated with bat urine, causing a foul odor to exist throughout a house. This can also leave behind yellow stains on the ceilings once the urine soaks through all the way. Guano, too, accumulates quickly. This is partly because bats can consume more than three times their weight in insects per night. Feasting like this inevitably leads to more bat droppings. Bats also have the ability to chew through electrical wiring and tamper with other mechanical panels in an attic or basement. If this is the case, a bat removal company can help repair these damages as well.

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