Use These Common Kitchen Spices to Keep Bats Away

Bats are a wonderful advantage to us, being nature’s number one most effective insecticide. Bats consume millions of insects each night, eating their entire body weight in insects and more! They help keep our backyards, bon fires, camp grounds, and more, bug-free and comfortable! But bats can pose a problem for us as well, that is, if they find their way into the exterior or interior areas of our homes.

Bat infestations can cause costly structural damages and more, and it is no secret that bats can carry and spread infectious diseases like the Rabies virus. Also, their bat droppings grow spores that can cause a respiratory illness called Histoplasmosis.

They are helpful in nature, but a problem-pest in our homes. For this reason, it is wise to take action in order to keep bats away from your property. One effective precautionary trick to keeping bats away is using spices from your very own kitchen! Bats do not like certain scents, and some spices irritate their senses so they steer clear from their vicinity. These spices can be used to protect your property from regular bat presence and problems. Continue reading to learn which spices bats do not like and how to use them to keep bats away.

Organic Bat-Proofing Spices and Smells

Simply use these ordinary kitchen spices to create a perimeter around your property, or around any area you know bats have been more than once (i.e. entry points, hangout areas, etc.). Sprinkle a generous amount of one spice, or a combination of multiple spices, to create a boundary between your home and the bats. Bats will not like these smells and go other places that do not irritate their senses, remembering to not come back to your area.

Here are some spices that will do the trick!

• Menthol
• Eucalyptus
• Peppermint
• Cinnamon
• Cloves
• Chili Powder
• Spearmint
• Cayenne Pepper
• Mint Extract
• Menthol Cough Drops (crushed)

If you have a bat infestation or bat problem, call a local bat removal and control company for safe and humane exclusion services you can trust. They retain the proper licenses, tools, and training to efficiently and effectively remove bats without killing or harming them. It is illegal to kill, poison, fumigate, or harm bats in anyway. It is strongly recommended to leave bat exclusion in the hands of experienced professionals.

Bat Removal in Louisville Kentucky

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