Popular Bat Guano Fertilizers on the Market

Last month we discussed how bat guano is used as a fertilizer for gardens, crops, flora, and more. So now that you know that guano is a known, effective fertilizer, you might want to know which kind to buy! In this blog, we’ll point out a few of the most popular and effective bat guano fertilizers on the market, and the qualities that make them so great. Continue reading for a list of recommended bat guano fertilizer products and brand names for better growing and gardening at home.

Smart Natural’s Happy Frog Potting Soil

This fine-screened potting soil is a light-textured and rich fertilizer, containing bat guano, earthworm castings, forest humus, microbes, fungi, and more, and comes ready to use for indoors or out. It’s well aerated, abundant in nutrients, and pH balanced to get the best possible results. You can expect to see this product come store-ready in 51.4 quart bags that range in price from $45 to $55, depending on the retailer.

Greenbelt Organics Bat Guano Fertilizer

This odorless, easy-to-use, indoor or outdoor bat guano fertilizer is one hundred percent organic. And it is guaranteed to never burn. It is formulated with high amounts of phosphate to enhance blooming and taste. It is biodegradable, building and cleaning the soil with special microbes and microorganisms. It is the perfect fertilizer for lawns and potted plants. You can expect a 2 pound bag to cost anywhere from 8 to 10 dollars.

Sunleaves Indonesian Bat Guano Fertilizer

Another highly-rated and reviewed bat guano fertilizer, the Sunleaves brand has much to offer gardeners. This dry fertilizer can be diluted in water or applied directly to soil for enhanced blooms and root growth. It has a high phosphorous potency, making it very effective. An 11 pound bag will cost anywhere between $25and $35.

Although bat guano is beneficial in our gardens, it is quite the opposite in our attics or other areas in our homes. If you notice bat droppings anywhere on or inside your property, you may have bat activity nearby. It is best to stop a bat problem before it becomes a costly mess. Contact a licensed bat removal service to get rid of bats and clean up bat guano messes in your home.

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