The Facts about Rabies and Bats

Bats and rabies are constantly linked together due to horror movies, Halloween, and embellished stories.  The facts are actually different than common belief.  Read on to learn more about rabies and how they affect bats and other mammals as well.

Do All Bats Have Rabies?

The answer is, of course not; not all bats have rabies.  Among the various bat species all over the world, (which makes up more than a quarter of the world’s mammal population), less than two percent are infected with rabies.  In fact, less than ten people in the past 50 years have been reported to have contracted rabies through a bat.  The myth behind bats and rabies stems from movies, books, and rumors.  The truth is, bats are intelligent and helpful creatures of nature, and should be respected and protected as much as possible.

Signs of an Infected Bat

Although not all bats have rabies, they can still carry other infectious diseases just the same as any other animal could.  To determine if a bat is infected, look out for tell-tale signs that point toward danger.  If a bat is seen out during the daylight hours and/or is flying rapidly in an unorganized fashion, this could be a sign that it is sick. The simplest way to explain why is that bats are nocturnal, meaning they sleep at day and come out at night.  It is very uncommon to see a bat during daylight.  Odd behavior like that can represent an ill bat.  A bat will not likely attack, but can bite or lunch if instigated or approached.

Why Are They Helpful?

Bats are insect eaters, and big eaters at that.  In a single evening, a bat can consume nearly 1/3 of its body weight in insects.  That’s like 1000 insects per hour.  So at our cookouts and bonfires, fewer mosquitoes will be out biting because they are being preyed upon by your local bat colonies.

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Fascinating Facts about Bats

Bats have acquired a distasteful reputation over time.  Horror movies, stories, and harsh stereotypes can be to blame for the misconceptions of what is actually a fascinating creature in our Eco-system.  Many believe bats to be rabies-infested monsters that attack peoples’ hair and scratch their faces.  The truth is far from this common stereotype.  The following facts provide evidence that bats are interesting animals that deserve much more credit than they are given.

Bats are the only mammal that can fly.  Yes, bats are warm-blooded mammals and they are the only ones that can truly fly.  Their wings are similar to a human hand, and create flight through swift maneuvering and stretchy membranes between their elongated fingers.  Their colonies are beautifully coordinated during flight and can create amazing patterns in the air.  It is a truly breathtaking sight.

A bat can consume more than one thousand insects per hour!  This makes them a huge contributor to insect relief at camp sites, backyards, and parks.  By eating so many insects, bats are actually helping to maintain a certain balance within our Eco-system.

Bats use echolocation to see in the dark.  Bats are thought to be blind, but they can see just fine during the day; but they do not live during the day, they are nocturnal and are active at night.  In the dark, bats use this echolocation to send sound waves off solid objects that basically paint a picture of what the landscape around them looks like.  It is a built in GPS system!

Bats make up more than 20% of the mammal species.  Due to the fact that there are 900 species of bats, mathematically, it’s no surprise they make up nearly a quarter of the entire mammal population.  Bats are categorized into orders, classes, suborders, genera, and then species.

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