Do All Bats Have Rabies?

To answer this question right off the “bat”, bats DO carry rabies; however, not all bats are infected with the rabies virus. Basically, it’s a gamble. You never know which bats are infected and which are not. The only way to tell if a bat has rabies is to test their blood or if you observe them exhibiting blatant signs of rabies infection, which you will learn more about below. Continue reading to review some facts about bats and rabies, and what to do if you have a bat in the house or on your property.

The Rabies Virus

Rabies is most commonly transmitted through infected blood or saliva. For example, a bat bite. This commonly happens to outdoor dogs and cats because they are a naturally curious species. When bats are infected with rabies, they exhibit strange behaviors. They might be active during the day even though they are a nocturnal, they might convulse or shake uncontrollably, they might fly around aimlessly, or even appear disoriented or aggressive. It could be a combination of the above behaviors as well.

Protection Against Rabies

In North America, bats are a common “rabies vector species”, meaning most of the documented cases of rabies transmission in the U.S. over the past five decades originated from a bat. And although we don’t have the exact statistics, it is a well-known fact that at least one death every year occurs as a result of rabies transmission. This is why it is important to protect your home from bat infestations, and to avoid bat counters at all costs.

If you ever see a wild bat, even if it’s injured or a baby, never touch it or try to trap it. And most importantly, never harm or kill bats. They are a vital part of our surrounding ecosystem, and provide a wide range of environmental benefits that our society needs to thrive comfortably. Instead, contact a local wildlife removal company for emergency bat removal services. They are highly trained and licensed by the state, and they only use safe and humane methods of bat exclusion and extraction.

As for pets, be sure you keep your dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies and other deadly viruses. Remember, once a pet contracts the rabies virus, there is no cure. The same goes for humans. If you are ever bitten by a bat, whether you think it has rabies or not, immediately go to the emergency room for treatment.

Emergency Bat Removal and Control

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