Will My Homeowners’ Insurance Pay for Bat Removal Services?

It is very expensive to repair damages from a long-term bat infestation in your home. Bats can cause a substantial amount of damage; in even a short amount of time. Bat Removal Companies do offer services to repair these damages; such as bat proofing, Histoplasmosis mitigation, bat guano cleanup, exclusion, and more.

The extent of time the bats were in the home, plus the degree of damage incurred, will roughly determine the cost of the repairs, renovations, and exclusion services. Once a professional Bat Control Company inspects the property and begins their exclusion process; can they accurately convey if there will be more unexpected costs.

Usually at this point, homeowners are sweating the total bill. How can they pay for all these repairs and services? Insurance is usually a first thought. Interestingly enough, many homeowners are in the dark on whether or not their home is covered on bat damages. Continue reading to learn more about standard homeowners’ insurance policies in relation to bat removal services and repairs.

Bat Removal Insurance Policies

Animal damages are not typically covered by home insurance plans. They imply that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent animal infestations, and to eradicate them on their own before damages accumulate. If an extensive amount of damage occurs, it is considered the homeowner’s burden for not tending to the situation before it got too bad. The insurance companies call pest and animal infestations “maintenance issues”, which are not covered in many policies. Regularly inspect your home for problems like these; to prevent future costly repairs that won’t be covered by insurance.

Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky

Call Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky at 502-553-7622 for superior bat cleanup and attic restoration services you can afford. We are highly trained and certified bat control specialists with over 20 years of experience in the bat exclusion industry. We offer a wide variety of services; such as bat removal, bat cleanup, bat proofing, inspections, repairs, and more. Call 502-553-7622 to speak with a DNR licensed bat exclusion professional about getting rid of bats in the attic in Louisville, KY fast!