How Do Mother Bats Find their Baby Bats in Dark Caves?

Wild bats live in very large colonies. They preferred to remain in large masses in order to protect themselves and their offspring. Even though female male pets tend to remain separated from one another, the vastness of the colonies makes it easy for a male and female bat to find each other and mate. Female bats typically only give birth to one pup at a time. They remain with their mothers, either in their tail pouches or attached to their underbelly, until they are able to fly on their own. Once a baby bat is old enough to fly on their own and catch their own insects, mother bats no longer need to care for their offspring. However, while a mother bat is still caring for their young, they remain attentive and focused on their baby.

There are lots of interesting facts about mother bats and baby bats. For example, a mother bat can locate pup and a large mass colony, simply by their voice and smell. This is an incredible gift for these animals. When it comes to finding their baby bath and dark caves, this is one of the main methods of locating there young. There are other ways that mother bats find a baby pets and are caves as well. It is a system called animal echolocation.

Animal echolocation is also referred to as sonar, and is a biological system used bats; as well as, several other types of wildlife such as dolphins. When bat use echolocation, they send out and emit sounds into the surrounding area, and then listen for echoes to return to them. This time of sending out calls and listening for echoes allows bats and other animals to visualize and map out the surrounding environment. This way they can know what objects are nearby, where other objects are located, and more. It’s basically a built in navigation or GPS system.

Echolocation is a fascinating characteristic of bats that make them fun and interesting to learn about. Although bats are greatly admired nature, when they get into our homes and trespassing to properties, they can become a nuisance animal. When this happens it’s important to contact a professional wildlife control company. They have the proper tools, training, knowledge to safely extract bats and animal proof your home or property.

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