Property Damages Caused by Wild Bats

There are endless avenues of damage a bat can cause to a house or property. With that said, think about how much damage an entire bat colony can produce! Whether one bat or twenty, damages are bound to happen. What does a homeowner do in such a case? The answer is hire professional bat exclusion experts to restore and repair property damages caused by bats.

Attic Damages

One of the most common areas of a home or property for bat colonies to hibernate, breed, and nest in is an attic. Attics are dark and provide quiet shelter for bats needing somewhere to go in the winter. Here, they will eat, breed, defecate, nest, and hibernate until the weather gets warmer. Even then, the bats may be comfortable in their new home and stay if undiscovered. The amount of damage that can accrue in an attic from wild bats is limitless. It all truly depends on how long they were tenants and how many bats there were. Urine and feces will soak through particle board, sheet-rock, ceilings, and walls; while bats rip and tear attic insulation down for nesting. On top of the physical damages, foul odors will linger even after the bats are gone.

Roof Damages

Bats are also known to damage rooftops in the city and in residential neighborhoods. In fact, roofs are often times the way they find entry into our attics and other areas of a home or building. Bats will search out loos roof shingles and pry their way inside them. Bats are very tiny, and can fit through even a quarter inch hole. This activity leads to even looser roof shingles, ripped and missing shingles, and holes in the roof. Roof repair is not cheap, so bat-proofing this area is a good idea if you live near wooded lots.

Crawl Spaces, Garages, and Sheds

Just like attics, bats will search for shelter in other attainable areas of our properties. Crawl spaces, basement windows, garages, sheds, trailers, and more are all susceptible to bat exposure if any vulnerable spots or openings exist within them. Bats will always find a way into a warm dark area to breed and nest for the winter. These areas will become damaged in the same way and attic or other indoor area would; saturated particleboard, sheet rock, insulation, ceilings, walls, etc.

Restoration Services for Bat Damages in Louisville, Kentucky

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