Bat Pest Control

Bats are interesting and valuable mammals, but when they become frequent visitors or guests in our homes, they are not viewed in such a kind light. Bats are known to seek out shelter in residential properties; invading areas such as attics, crawl spaces, garages, roofs, sheds, and more. They are looking for shelter from harsh weather and protection from predators when breeding and raining their young. Bat colonies can live in areas such as these, unnoticed for months. This amount of time can result in a large amount of structural damage and bat mess. If you think you might have a bat in the attic, or a bat colony within your property, the best advice to use is to take action immediately. The sooner you catch a bat problem, and have them removed, the less costly and extensive the damages will be. Continue reading to learn more about bat infestations and bat control for your home.

Bat Removal and Control

Bats make big messes. They rip and tear through attic insulation for nesting and breeding needs. They leave behind mountains of bat droppings and urine. They also threaten the structural integrity of dry wall, and wooden foundations. Bat infestations are bad news and can lead to costly restorations and repairs. Be sure to act fast if you believe you have bats in the attic or other area of your home. Over time, the accumulation of bat urine can saturation floor boards and ceilings, causing structural weakness, buckling, wall stains, and more. Bat cleanup can be extensive as well. Not only do the droppings and urine need to be cleaned away; so does the food debris, nesting debris, and birthing mess.

Always call a professional bat exclusion company to remove a bat infestation from your home. Be sure to hire a reputable company that is licensed and qualified to provide residential animal control services. It is also important to make sure they use safe and humane methods to extract bats; not kill, harm, or trap them. That would be animal cruelty and is unnecessary. Also, be sure to use a bat removal company that has many years of experience in the animal control industry. A novice can still provide good work, but a practiced bat removal technician can spot all the access areas and properly eliminate a bat infestation problem the first time around.

Louisville Kentucky Bat Removal and Control

If you need Louisville, Kentucky bat removal and control services, call 502-553-7622 right away. As mentioned before, the sooner you handle a bat infestation problem, the less likely there will be extensive damages that you can’t afford. Bat Removal Louisville offers licensed and insured bat removal and control services; such as attic restoration, bat cleanup, bat extraction, bat control, prevention, inspections, and more. We only use safe and humane strategies to extract bats, and never kill or harm them. Visit our website at for details about our services and company background. We are happy to answer your questions about bat control anytime! Call 502-553-7622 and get a free estimate or set up a free initial consultation for Louisville Kentucky bat removal and control today.