Bats in the Basements are a Real Problem!

Specific signs can indicate that a home has a bat infestation somewhere on its property. Signs such as foul odors coming from the attic, strange clicking or chattering sounds at night, fallen roof shingles, and more are common indications that bats are present. No matter where bats are on or in a property, it is vital to get them out fast! Bat’s, although magnificent and beneficial mammals, fall under the nuisance wildlife category and can cause large amounts of structural damage to a home, as well as, jeopardize our health and the health of our beloved pets. Bats in the attic can simply mean a few loners have found a space to get warm, but if you have bats in basement, this is a big problem because it most likely means infestation. Continue reading to learn about the damages bats can inflict on our homes, and how to get rid of bats in the basement as fast as possible.

Remove Bats in the Basement

Bats, the only mammal capable of true flight, prefer higher elevations when it comes to roosting. This is why we commonly think about bats hanging from tree limbs or cave ceilings. For us, this means they typically enter houses at a high point, like the roof, chimney, or attic; however, if they have made their way to the basement of a home, the outlook is not good. This is because bats in the basement often means they have made the journey from the top of the home, all the way down to the bottom, likely occupying the walls and everything in between along the way. More structural damages occur this way. And damages leads to costly repairs.

A frequent mistake made by frustrated and frightened homeowners is sealing off the basement. For obvious reasons, this will only keep bats in, and does nothing to remove and prevent bat infestations from entering from above as they did before. A professional bat removal company can provide safe, humane, and effective bat exclusion services, as well as, bat-proofing strategies and more. Experienced wildlife removal contractors will even offer minor attic, drywall, insulation, and other bat damage restorations for residential properties.

Bat Removal Louisville Kentucky

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