A Newly Discovered Technique Bats Use to Navigate in the Dark!

A new study recently revealed that microbats use more than echolocation to navigate around at night. No more is sonar the only navigational resource used by bats! Just to review, echolocation is a type of sonar system that microbats use to map their surroundings in the dark. Although not blind, microbats have small visual centers that inhibit their vision capabilities. By emitting small sounds and listening for the return echo, bats can make a mental grid of their surroundings, and better hunt for prey. The only megabat known to also use sonar is the Egyptian Fruit Bat. All other megabats retain a large visual center that allows them to see well at night.

Microbat Navigation

Now back to the topic at hand! The newly discovered ability in bats involves polarized light! That’s right; microbats apparently use patterns of polarized sky light to navigate their way around. They can actually calibrate their internal magnetic compasses by using the pattern of scattered sunlight in the atmosphere! This is a truly remarkable gift! You see, depending on the position of the sun during the day, polarization patterns and directional sunlight vary.

What we don’t know is how microbats detect polarized sunlight. I guess that answer will come later after more research and studies! One interesting fact is that bees also use this type of navigational resource, and other insects as well. Bats truly are fascinating and wonderful creatures that are a vital part of our Eco-system; however, when they trespass onto our properties, they can make quite the mess and cause quite the disturbance. When this happens, be sure to call a licensed Louisville Bat Removal contractor for safe and humane bat exclusion services and assistance. Bats should never be trapped, harmed, or killed.

Louisville Bat Removal

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