The Pros and Cons of Having Wild Bats Around Your Home

Bats are well-known species of mammal found all across the world. There are several fascinating qualities and characteristics that make bats a fun topic to learn about. There are many wonderful attributes to bats, but for many, bats are quite the nuisance mammal. There is a good side and a bad side to everything, and bats are no different. Continue reading to learn both the pros and the cons to wild bats found in our cities and towns.

The Benefits of Bats

Let’s give bats the benefit of doubt, and begin with the good qualities they demonstrate in nature. For starters, bats are amazing, and not-to-mention, free, pest control. That’s right; bats consume thousands of insects, mostly mosquitoes, each night! In the summer months, this makes camping and backyard barbecuing much more enjoyable. You know this if you are plagued by heavy mosquito populations each year! Without bats, insects and mosquitoes would be out of control, and we would be suffering the consequences of these nightly visitors each summer.

Aside from free pest control, bats have other beneficial attributes. For example, bat guano is a widely-used resource in certain countries across the world. If you don’t already know, bat guano is the scientific term for bat feces. Although off-putting to think about, bat guano is fertile and nutrient-rich. Many organic farmers use bat guano for fertilizing their soil. In the past, some people used bat guano to make explosives because it retains high levels of nitrogen! It is even rumored that scientists have discovered enzymes in guano that can be used in cleaning agents and laundry detergents!

Another great advantage of bats is their pollination abilities. Megabats, also called Fruit Bats, feed primarily on flower and plant nectar, making them great nectar pollinators. This occurs particularly in rain forests. When bats fly from one plant to another, they get pollen all over their bodies and its spreads everywhere they go!

The Disadvantages of Bats

The chief disadvantage of wild bats is their role as nuisance wildlife in residential and suburban areas. AS more forest and woodlands are cut down to make room for new city development, bats and other wildlife are being forced in closer proximity with humans. They are forced out of their natural environments and forced to find other sources of food and shelter.

One area bats use as shelter that causes problems among humans is attics. Attics, crawl spaces, garages, porches, and more are common areas of a residence that bats form colonies and take shelter. This causes costly damages that require tedious repairs. Bats also carry disease that can be transferred to humans, cats, and dogs. Having them around can cause health problems among kids, adults, and pets.

If you have bats in the attic, or a bat problem on your property, contact a licensed bat removal and control company for professional assistance. They can offer safe and humane bat exclusion services you can afford. Be sure they use safe methods to remove bats and can offer prevention services to stop future infestations. Never harm or kill a bat. Always call a professional for help. Remember that bats will not attack unless provoked.

Louisville Bat Control

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